4 Ways Plastic Wrap Makes Your Move Safer

5" Plastic stretch wrap is helpful when you're moving into a storage unit
5″ Mover’s Wrap

When you’re moving into a storage unit, plastic stretch wrap can be extremely helpful. In this post we will show what the wrap is, why it is helpful, and what you can use it on.

What Is Plastic Stretch Wrap?

Our plastic stretch wrap, called Mover’s Wrap, comes in two varieties at Laurel Self Storage: 5″ wide and 20″ wide. Both are 80 gauge thickness. Mover’s Wrap contains no glue or adhesives, and it sticks to nothing but itself. It’s a little bit like the plastic wrap you’d find in your kitchen, except it’s designed to be wrapped around larger items and furniture. That is, it is tougher and more tear-resistant. That means that after you’ve finished moving into your storage unit, it won’t peel the finish off of your furniture and do damage to it in the process. Once you wrap it tightly around an item, it starts to conform to the shape of the item.

Plastic stretch wrap can be helpful in many ways, but for the sake of this post we’ll focus on 4 ways it makes your move safer.

20" Plastic stretch wrap is helpful when you're moving into a storage unit
20″ Mover’s Wrap

Benefit: 4 Ways Plastic Wrap Makes Your Move Safer

First, you can use plastic stretch wrap to protect anything against scratches, nicks, and rain/snow during your move. Second, after you’ve moved into your storage unit, it can prevent dust and allergens from collecting on your valuables. In this way, it can protect tables, chairs, dressers, cabinets, computers, toys, trash cans, and virtually anything else you might move into your unit. If you want extra protection, you can wrap a moving blanket around your furniture and then put the plastic wrap around it.

CAREFUL: If you’re moving in when it’s raining/snowing, protect your furniture against water. Storage units–particularly ones that aren’t climate-controlled–don’t see much circulation. That moisture can easily turn into mold, which can start in one spot and get all over your other items. That makes everyone sad.

Third, another way plastic wrap makes your move safer is by keeping drawers from flying out of your dresser. Anyone who has moved a dresser knows that the drawers like to fly out as soon as the dresser is tipped the wrong way. That can scratch or break your dresser and crush your toes. Wrapping the dresser keeps the drawers where they are.

Fourth, wrapping your furniture, in some cases, can also give it some traction. Your dresser might be slick, but with some plastic wrap around it, it might be easier to carry.

Bonus tip: Plastic wrap can be good for bundling. Let’s say you have kids and, therefore, lots of toys. These toys could go into a box, or you could bundle and wrap them together with the 20″ stretch wrap. This approach can be helpful if you’re low on boxes or if you want to make use of those nooks and crannies in your truck or storage unit.

So, when you’re moving into your unit at Laurel Self Storage in Laurel, MD, pick up some Mover’s Wrap. You’ll be glad you did.