Storage Facility Alarms, Keypads: Thanks to Zelko’s Security

Security is an important factor in any self-storage facility. Besides being a well-lit facility, we wanted alarms throughout our facility that let us and the police know immediately if someone is trying to break in or do something suspicious around our storage units. We also wanted keypads installed at each outside door to keep the bad guys out while letting the good guys in, and give us easy reports of who entered what code at what time. With these goals in mind, we cast a wide net and called a variety of companies. John at Zelko’s Security got the job!

John with Zelko's Security

John has been installing alarms and QuikStor keypads all over our property. QuikStor is a company that has made some fabulous keypads that work like a charm. John’s work is nearly done and we are thrilled with how the work has been going so far. John has been prompt, precise, courteous, professional, and flexible. Thanks for your hard work to make our self-storage facility safe, John! About Zelko’s:

Zelko’s Security is Always On Guard! Since 1997 we’ve been serving the Washington, D.C. / Baltimore / Annapolis region. We service the commercial AND residential markets including sales, installation, and service of burglar alarm systems, electronically controlled access, and video surveillance systems. While many security companies rely on “20th century sales” we SPECIALIZE in the SERVICE that follows the installation. We take pride in the fact that we include at little or no cost to our customers our exclusive Remote Database Maintenance. This decreases service time and service expenses with the benefit of virtually NO WAITING for a technician to arrive for services such as changing an alarm code on your business to providing an access code to allow entry into your building to reviewing video after an event… [from]

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