Finding Laurel Self Storage with Google Maps

When you’re looking to swing by Laurel Self Storage, there’s something important for you to keep in mind: If you leave out the “North” in our address, 9735 Washington Blvd North, Google Maps will send you to a U-Haul about a mile south of our actual location. We have complained to Google about this, but they seem to think they are in the right. Maybe more people need to complain to them about it for them to pay attention. In any case, please remember to include the “North” when you’re typing in our address, or Google Maps may mislead you.

If it does send you to the U-Haul location, simply get back onto Washington Blvd North (i.e. Rt. 1) and drive till you pass Whiskey Bottom Road. Our self-storage facility will be on your right soon after. Note that we share our building with Parts Authority, whose sign you may see first.

Want to help your fellow self-storage hunters out? Tell Google they’ve got the location problem by clicking going to their feedback page and clicking “Suggest and edit” or “Report a data problem”.

Opening Day: September 6

Laurel Self Storage

On September 6 at 10am we will be open to the public and will start renting out storage units! Come visit Laurel Self Storage at 9735 Washington Blvd North, Laurel, MD 20723, or give us a call at 301-604-1480. We look forward to serving you.


  • Say coupon code, “Free Lock” and get a free 1 1/2″ lock with move-in
  • Say coupon code, “Stars and Stripes” for your second month FREE with move-in
  • Pay 12 months, get the 13th free
  • We’ll match the price of any competitor within 3 miles of us for at least 3 months
  • 10% Military Discount

OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm

ACCESS HOURS: Monday-Saturday, 6am-8pm; Sunday 6am-6pm

Storage Facility Alarms, Keypads: Thanks to Zelko’s Security

Security is an important factor in any self-storage facility. Besides being a well-lit facility, we wanted alarms throughout our facility that let us and the police know immediately if someone is trying to break in or do something suspicious around our storage units. We also wanted keypads installed at each outside door to keep the bad guys out while letting the good guys in, and give us easy reports of who entered what code at what time. With these goals in mind, we cast a wide net and called a variety of companies. John at Zelko’s Security got the job!

John with Zelko's Security

John has been installing alarms and QuikStor keypads all over our property. QuikStor is a company that has made some fabulous keypads that work like a charm. John’s work is nearly done and we are thrilled with how the work has been going so far. John has been prompt, precise, courteous, professional, and flexible. Thanks for your hard work to make our self-storage facility safe, John! About Zelko’s:

Zelko’s Security is Always On Guard! Since 1997 we’ve been serving the Washington, D.C. / Baltimore / Annapolis region. We service the commercial AND residential markets including sales, installation, and service of burglar alarm systems, electronically controlled access, and video surveillance systems. While many security companies rely on “20th century sales” we SPECIALIZE in the SERVICE that follows the installation. We take pride in the fact that we include at little or no cost to our customers our exclusive Remote Database Maintenance. This decreases service time and service expenses with the benefit of virtually NO WAITING for a technician to arrive for services such as changing an alarm code on your business to providing an access code to allow entry into your building to reviewing video after an event… [from]

For more information, visit them online at

The storage units are in!

Many thanks to Janus International and New Century Doors for installing the storage units at Laurel Self Storage. They finished the work just recently, in August 2016! Here are a few pictures to show you their excellent work. They built about 300 units ranging from 5’x5′ to 29’x30′. We offer both climate controlled units–i.e. with extra protection against extreme temperatures and excessive humidity–and regular storage units to serve your self storage needs.

We are working hard to begin renting these storage lockers to you as early as September 2016.

Storage Unit Photo

Storage Unit Photo

Also helping Laurel Self Storage is the 1Abc Directory and ExploreMD.

Expected opening: September 2016

Our building sign is up! Come to 9735 Washington Blvd. N in Laurel, MD to see it in real life. It even lights up at night. We won’t be open until early September, 2016, however, so you won’t be able to lease storage units or meet our friendly staff just yet. We’ll post more updates in the coming weeks to show our progress!

Laurel Self Storage is coming soon!